New Year – New Rig

2012 was extremely successful for 360 video, Ignacio, Ryan, Ayrton, Tomonori and all the other users contributing great videos made with the 360 Rig. The end of 2012 also brought new camera hardware to the market, and since the  cameras that made the core of the 360 Rig V4.1, are not really available anymore, I am revising the design of the 360 Rig to make use of the new camera hardware. I am in the midst of the redesign, and will release the new 360 Rig V5 soon. In the mean time, I am kindly asking for your patience, since I do not have a price point set for the new 360 Rig, other than it will be available as a water-resistant version, and a regular version suitable for the same environments the 360 Rig V4.1 was suitable for. A diving version is planned as well, but has lower priority.

Happy New Year

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