The future of array cameras

Introducing the worlds first fully spherical (360×180 deg) portable video array camera.

The 360 rig allows to record 6 individual videos with sound, which can be stitched on your computer  with the software of your choice into a fully spherical (equirectangular) video stream. The revolutionary feature is the lack of a nadir blind spot, allowing you to film freely with the 360 Rig, ideally on a light-weight mono-pod, or similar devices.

The rig comes with the following components

    • Custom 360 Rig with 6 cameras
    • Wireless remote (range about 10m)
    • Choice of 3/8 or 1/4 tripod mount
    • Power supply cable
    • External battery pack (11.1V 2200 mAh LiPo) and deluxe LiPo battery charger (110-240V)
    • External trigger ports on the 360 Rig and the remote (2.5mm plug)
    • Small protective bag
    • Choice of a variety of colors for the rig and the remote
    • Suggested stitching software: Kolor APP or PTgui (not included)


    • 6 Cameras
    • 570 gr (without battery pack)
    • about 9 x 9 x 9cm
    • about 15W power consumption (the battery pack lasts about 1.5h on/recording)
    • about 4000×2000 equirectangular video stream
    • 25/30/48 FPS (24 FPS coming  Summer 2012)
    • Records to SD cards (6x 16-32 GB recommended, class 10, cards not included)

All specs and features are subject to change.

Things the rig can’t do:

    • WB and exposure between the cameras is not synced, it relies on the full-auto exposure of each camera
    • Parallax errors will be visible for subjects closer than 1m
    • Not water-proof, nor weatherized, use at your own discretion in bad weather
    • All stitching and processing happens offline on your computer, the 360 Rig is purely a recording device (six SD cards necessary)
    • The 360 Rig will get warm, and auto-shut off after about 30 min to prevent overheating (indoors, no wind-cooling)
    • The stitching workflow is messy at the moment (but hopefully resolved in Summer 2012): export to stills, batch stitch, recombine to video, edit, etc…
    • Still panoramas (about 10000×5000) are possible, but not great

The 360 Rig is currently in the prototype stage, and there are a limited amount of prototypes available (no warranty). The current lack of a complete software workflow to process the 360s makes it necessary that you are very competent with PTgui or Kolor Autopano panoramic stitching, including modifying a stitching template, and running the batch stitcher. The workflow situation will hopefully be resolved in Summer 2012.

Contact me if you need a commercial 360 video shot, or if you want to talk about a specific project.


9 Responses to The future of array cameras

  1. Hello and great job you did with this product. I am interested in getting a sample, promotional material and details for distributors. I can cover Romania and Bulgaria if you need.
    Thanks and keep in touch!

  2. Fascinating! Please keep me posted with publicity that might not be appropriate for the PanotoolsNG list.

    Roger W,

  3. I would very much like to know if this rig can also shoot HDR’s?
    what size and kind of sensor does it have?
    Can the lens, ISO and shutter be independentantly controlled?
    Please keep up us posted on the tech and specs as it evolves.

  4. Great work, congrats! Please send me information, price details, etc. I am also interested in marketing in Latin America.

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