Joergen GeerdsThe Freedom360 and the 360Rig are the brainchild of Joergen Geerds, photographer, artist, art director and inventor, in collaboration with Dr. Ulrike Futschik, with a great deal of help&support from Ignacio Ferrando Margeli, and very knowledgable initial feedback from Matthias Taugwalder.


The 360Rig was the first camera rig in the world taking the idea of 360 video to the logical conclusion: fully spherical video, 360×180 degrees, without nadir hole and freedom how to mount it.

Ignacio Ferrando, from Spanish firm Abaco Digital, was involved from the early beginning in the use and beta testing of the rig, and he produced his first shoots with the system in early 2012.

Early 360 shoot by Ignacio Ferrando Margeli

Since then, Ignacio has shot many 360 videos, some of them in specially difficult conditions (flying from helicopter, up in nearly outer space, in a raft, skiing…), and he can provide advise and expertice on any possible shooting situation, as he offers courses and seminars on 360video shooting and editing.