360 Video stitching (PTgui)

Here is a short overview how to stitch 360 videos with PTgui Pro. We will add more info about PTgui, as well as other 360 video stitching solutions, as soon as they become public.

Quick instruction how to use the PTgui template:

  1. Apply the template to a meaningful representative frame set of your shoot (tif or jpg) with the Freedom360 (it will not really work with other setups)
  2. The frame set should contain all important elements of your scene, with added elements to create control points in “flat” areas
  3. Auto-generate control points
  4. Manually generate control points for all relevant image pairs
  5. Optional: add 2 or 3 vertical control points
  6. Optimize only YPR, and check the panorama editor for problem areas
  7. Generate more control points in those problem areas
  8. Optimize YPR plus individual HV shift for all six tiles
  9. Delete the worst control point pairs, and re-optimize, and check the panorama editor to see if the scene is coming together
  10. Optimize YPR plus individual HV shift, plus VP for the problem tiles
  11. Rinse and repeat steps 4-10 until you are happy with the result
  12. Optimize the exposure under the “Exposure / HDR” Tab with the Settings button
  13. Alternatively, change or fine-tune the exposure compensation under the image parameters tab manually
  14. Set the proper batch stitching behavior under the Project Settings Tab: check “Perform auto exposure correction” under the align images behavior, and check “Align Images” under the Batch Stitcher Actions, depending on your scene.
  15. Set the proper size under the the Create Panorama Tab, including the format (jpg100 recommended)
  16. Save your new template
  17. Convert all your 6 videos to image sequences (jpg100), following a meaningful naming convention: “[frame number] [camera number].jpg” (assuming that all 6 video streams are in sync)
  18. Use the PTgui Batch Builder use “generate new projects” with the “Multiple panoramas per folder with a fixed (6) number of images (6)” method, and pick the folder that contains all the frames of your six video streams
  19. Save the batch list generated by the batch builder, and drop it into the PTgui batch builder
  20. Wait for the batch stitcher to finish
  21. Load the image sequence of the generated panoramas into your video editing suite to edit and produce the actual 360 video

3 Responses to 360 Video stitching (PTgui)

  1. I an interested in buying your rig, and I think I understand all the steps to creating a 360 movie except this one.
    I have used ptgui for a long time so the part I dont get is

    ¨Load the image sequence of the generated panoramas into your video editing suite to edit and produce the actual 360 video.¨
    you list a couple of products for doing the movie Kolor and Video stich, I checked and they are not available yet, so the question is how did they do the existing ones? (spain and brazil videos)


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