360 video player

Freedom360 player app

This is a customizable spherical video player intended for 360 video makers. It allows you to showcase your own productions. You can upload 360 video files (in mpeg4/h264 format, with a mp4 file extension and up to 1920*1080 pixel size, being optimal at 1920*960 res with a data rate of 3-5mbit/sec) from a URL directly or use iTunes doc sharing feature to get your productions into the app. Video files are stored in the device, so you can showcase them even without internet connection. It comes with two astonishing examples by Ignacio Ferrando. One of them, a training practice of mountain rescue carried out by the GREIM and the Air Unit of the Guardia Civil in Riglos, Huesca, Spain, is shown here within the device (4S iPhone).

Play to view app as shown in device